Stephanie Robison The sculpture of Stephanie Robison plays with multiple oppositional relationships. Created out of wood, fabric, stone, steel, foam, and plastic her works synthesize and fuse: organic and geometric, natural and architectural, soft with hard, the handmade and the uniform industrial. Robison’s work often uses humor or the absurd to address uncontrollable aspects of the body, the self, the environment, and relationships.

Originally from Oregon, Robison currently resides in California teaching sculpture at the City College of San Francisco and serving as Vice President and Educational Director for the California Sculptors Symposium. Robison holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Marylhurst University and a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of Oregon. Robison’s work has been exhibited in California, Vermont, Washington, New Mexico, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, Alberta Canada, Ohio, New York, Hawaii, Oregon and South Korea.